Battery, Pit, and Percussion Ensemble

The Percussion Class is comprised of student musicians who participate in the various bands at Vista Del Lago High School. During the fall semester, percussionists are divided into battery and pit sections for the Raven Regiment. The percussion class provides a class setting with percussion instructors who provide expertise in playing a full range of percussion instruments, as well as a foundation of music theory and history as it relates specifically to the percussion medium. Our program aims to graduates “percussionists,” not “drummers.” Our approach to percussion is centered on the goal of developing our percussion students as versatile, well-rounded musicians, who are knowledgeable of all areas of percussion practice and performance.



An audition is required for placement into the percussion sections. Auditions take place in May for the following school year’s Regiment percussion sections, and in December to fill any personnel vacancies and to determine the personnel assignments for the concert ensemble percussion sections.